A PhD for your Career

Human knowledge and abilities have been produced by putting in practice centuries of scientific and technical findings. Universities are not just responsible for the general high education of the society, but also for training new researchers able to contribute to human development with new findings both in theoretical and practical terms. The first step of training for a future researcher is attending a PhD.

The goal of a PhD is to develop knowledge and intellectual faculties. How many times have we thought about how beautiful it would be to study the conservation of building environment, or to patent that engineering idea we dreamt about in our undergrad? A PhD offers us the opportunity to delve into research that has the potential to be urgent, groundbreaking, and fascinating. Developing knowledge also means increasing our work opportunities.

As a truly scientific and technological community, the experiences of PhD candidates are intertwined to those of their supervisors and research groups, in the departmental areas of Architecture and Engineering, or the recently established Interdepartmental Centers. They are also closely related to those of the many professionals and enterprises that, as research interlocutors, constitute our panorama of action and daily collaboration for a development coherent with the contingent technical and social public needs.

Further, the Doctoral School ScuDo  is a space for sharing and comparing ideas and results between research groups, internal or of affiliated universities both national and international, through agreements for exchange and collaboration leading many PhD candidates to rewarding experiences abroad.

PhD programs have a length of three years. To aid candidates in achieving their academic goals, Politecnico di Torino has decided to increase the amount of every scholarship to € 18.800 instead of the usual Italian amount of € 15.300.

The amount offered in scholarships is among the highest in Italy and coherent with European standards. To support candidates’ mobility, scholarships are increased by 50% for study periods outside of Italy.

The call for admission is divided into two separate sessions: the spring session and the summer session. A third selection process can be scheduled in September.

The Doctoral School, as our motto “what you are, takes you far” says, is the best partner to develop your talents and to project you into a path of personal, professional and social growth!

Discover why a PhD for your Career can be a successful choice in a webinar on October, 14th from 11.00 to 11.45 am (CET)! The Doctoral School of the Polytechnic of Turin will leave the floor to BOSCH, a large multinational company whose business is widely supported by research and innovation efforts and Omnidermal Biomedics, a startup company, created since the results of as PhD research!