Techedge S.p.a.



Techedge is an Italian multinational technology consulting company.
We help corporations improve their business using the latest technology. Put simply, we allow them to leverage on IT to understand challenges, solve them and improve results. We work on Big Data, Industry 4.0, the Internet of Things and business processes. Our clients are leading multinational companies in all the industrial sectors.
We’re experiencing relentless growth, we now have 25 global offices and we draw on over 1300 professionals. We were just 36 in 2004 when we started out!
A career with us means ample room for professional development in a friendly and supportive environment where you will meet people with exceptional competences and passion. Our impressive growth means that careers with us can be fast-track for those who prove driven, entrepreneurial and, of course, competent. Our global scale means that a career with us can very often be international.