MSX International Group is the leading global provider of outsourced business solutions for the automotive industry making business in more than 80 countries. MSXI’s deep industry expertise combined with advanced data analytics and custom software solutions improve the performance of automotive dealership networks by increasing revenue, reducing cost, and enhancing customer satisfaction.
The success of our business solutions depends on the quality of our resources, the “Best Practices”, consolidated in more than 75 years of experience in the industry and the latest technologies.
At MSXI, we have long realized that the employee experience actually drives customer engagement. Our People Mission is therefore focused on three key points: empowering our people to contribute to company development; creating systems and processes that support organizational and personal growth; fostering people growth by promoting an entrepreneurial approach to work, hiring great talent to surround our team with professional colleagues and giving all of them big challenges to work on.
MSXI is continually expanding its global offerings in all business fields, including existing and new businesses.
We offer young degree students the opportunity to grow in an international environment, merit-based and challenging, characterized by a strong team spirit.
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