Eldor Corporation




Eldor Corporation was established by Pasquale Forte (President and CEO) in 1972 and is an international group leader in the Automotive business and partner of the main Automotive manufacturers across the world.
With 3.000 employees worldwide, Eldor has production facilities in Italy, USA, China, Turkey, Brazil, and sales & technical offices in Germany, China, USA, Brazil, Japan and South Korea.
Thanks to its R&D technical centers and its proprietary production technology, Eldor is a leading company in research, development and production of ignition systems, electronic control units, systems for hybrid and electric vehicles and urban e-mobility solutions.
Today more than 200 million vehicles run with Eldor products.
At Eldor, we are looking for talented and enthusiastic people who can have a direct impact in our development and share in our success.
We are searching for skilled young professionals and graduates in engineering, economics or other technical subjects to place within our various sectors.
Come and join our team!
Nowadays Eldor is focusing on main macro trends within the Automotive industry.
Electrification of vehicle
Eldor is developing new technologies for hybrid-electric systems to reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.
Since 1976, Eldor has been developing new in-house technology for fully robotic production processes. The Robotics Division designs and implements automated production lines, to offer the same standards of quality in all our production facilities.
Eldor is striving to find alternative solutions to address the world’s future increasing energy requirements. For this reason, the company is developing cutting-edge technical solutions (fuel cells and solid state batteries) for producing and storing energy.
Smart Materials
Eldor’s R&D Division works closely with advanced technological institutes (universities and research centers) to develop smart materials.
Defect free factory
Eldor is aspiring to become a defect-free company of pure excellence. Eldor’s process technology, in combination with its proprietary organizational model, is the basis to achieve defect-free production, with extremely high production and quality levels.