Career Week – Instructions for use

For the first time in the history of the Politecnico di Torino, the Career Day will be held exclusively online.

In this section you will understand:

  1. How the career week is structured,
  2. What is the optimal path to follow to get the most out of this initiative,
  3. What are the tools at your disposal to collect information and apply.

The event will be structured over 3 weeks:

  • During the first week (from 5th to 9th October) you will be able to access professional orientation meetings in preparation for the Digital Career Week;
  • During the second week (from 12th to 16th October) the real event will take place with individual meetings, group presentations and job offers to which you can apply;
  • The third week (from 19th to 23rd October) will be available to companies for selection interviews. You will participate in the interviews only if you are summoned, chosen from among those who responded to job postings and / or who participated in webinars, visited the virtual stands and sent your spontaneous application.

What are you waiting for?

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The site

Career Week Structure

All the information is collected on the site and all the other tools made available to you during the Career Week refer to it.

Signing up

As a first step you will have to register by filling out the appropriate form and entering your CV. Click here!

We advise you, once you have chosen your username and password, to immediately insert your CV as some fields are pre-filled taking information from the CV.

Business web cards

The company files will be updated daily, come back often to visit the site and from 30 September you will be able to apply for job offers, register for webinars and interviews at the stand.

On each tab you will find all the information about the company and above all the links to all the activities that the company will hold during the career week (webinars, interviews, job offers, virtual stand, etc … ..)

Discover, by reading the posts of the companies that interest you most and prepare for meetings with targeted questions and CVs suitable for each job offer. Click here!

Job posting

Some companies will post job and / or internship offers.

Once you are registered for the event you can send your CV in response to job postings.

Candidates deemed suitable will be called starting from 16 October and the interviews can be held both on the event platform and through the company’s own tools.

Spontaneous application

After registering, you can also spontaneously send your application to the most popular companies.

The companies will evaluate the applications in the weeks following the event and, if your profile is in line with the company’sneeds, you will be called for a first interview.

On the site you can find much more useful information relating to the world of work, the search for a first job, postgraduate training and guidance services for undergraduates and graduates.

The general program of the various activities will also be published the week before the event, including webinars, stand meetings and job and / or internship offers.

The event

The actual public event will last a week (from 12th to 16th October) and will focus on interactive presentations called webinars, on talks in small groups (5-10 people max), meetings at virtual stands and information chats.

Interactive presentations – webinars

It will be possible to participate in company presentations upon registration. Click here!

Each presentation is open to a maximum of 150 people and has an approximate duration of 90 minutes (45 ‘for the presentation and 45’ for Q&A).

Subscribers will immediately receive a first email confirming registration and, subsequently, will receive a second email containing the link to participate in the selected webinar (sent the evening before the event itself).

The link will lead to a login page where you will be asked to enter the identification data necessary to be recognized by the speakers during the presentation.

A reminder containing the webinar link will be sent a second time 15 minutes before the presentation begins.

Each user will automatically receive separate emails, one for each event.

Seats will be assigned on the basis of connection priority only.

Those who will not be able to access the presentations will be able to view the recordings, if the companies authorize their publication. The recordings will be made available starting the following day.

Questions and answers posed by live users will be made available in the FAQ section.

The functioning of the presentations is indicated in the detailed sheet, available at the following link: Click here

Meetings at the virtual stand

It is an optional service offered to companies. It aims to bring managers and candidates together in very small groups. Companies and candidates will be able to discuss on video and share information and documents, specifically the CV of the candidates.

At the end of the day, companies will have access to all CVs of people registered for their services.

To access the cognitive interview, it is necessary to register first for the event and then for the single service of each company.

The video-conference platform is accessed via a personal link sent the day before the event and a second time 15 ‘before the start of the session.


The organization makes the following emails available to users and companies: for problems in navigation, display, reporting of errors and various problems for clarifications, information and problems concerning the virtual stand service for information relating to company presentations for all communications and problems excluded from the three points above.

For technical problems and clarifications, an info-line will be active, available at the telephone number 02 3451657 (from 10.00 to 18.00) and at the email